Last Minute Christmas Pudding Dash (Or: Holy Smokes! It’s December.)



So, all of a sudden, it was the last few days of November and, yet again, I had failed to make a Christmas Pudding. I refused to live in that world and ran to the internet to find a suitable recipe.

Despite my general all-round humbuggy nature, I enjoy Christmas and, particularly all the baking and food preparation. I never used to bake the ‘traditional’ Christmas stuff but after making Nigella’s Chocolate Christmas Cake , I was all about Christmas baking. HOLY MACKEREL THAT IS AN EXCELLENT FRUIT CAKE. I believe, last year, I ended up making two because the first got eaten so quickly. I have all the ingredients sitting, waiting for this year’s one but I am torn about optimum cake baking time. Sooooooon, my pretty.

Anyway, Pudding.

I looked at Nigella’s pudding in Feast but, I must admit, the addition of blueberries freaked me out a bit. And then I thought about a woman whose baking I need to pay more attention to: Margaret Fulton.

Ultimately, the recipe I chose wasn’t a straight Margaret Fulton one but was bastardised from hers. I chose this pudding recipe from Melbourne Food Files.

And now, the pudding waits for Christmas Day. I will report back on its deliciousness. I think it will be swell though. It smelt amazing when it was steaming.

Do you bake for Christmas? Are you a traditionalist or are you all about the plum pudding ice-cream?

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3 thoughts on “Last Minute Christmas Pudding Dash (Or: Holy Smokes! It’s December.)

  1. Cindy says:

    While I love a good theme and don’t begrudge other people their customs, I am a total non-traditionalist when it comes to Christmas. I guess it’s a combination of family reshuffles, my vegetarianism and the stifling heat. I do occasionally go in for Xmas homages like tofurkey and pudding bites, but I mostly tend more towards summer barbecue-y things. And ice-cream, lots and lots of ice-cream.

    Regardless, I hope your cake brings the Christmassy spirit to your home!

  2. knitickyboo says:

    we made christmas pudding ish icecream the year we gave mum an icecream maker. Almonds, cherries, brandy soaked sultanas. It was aaaalll goood.
    and how was the pudding?

    also you are not hum-buggy 🙂

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