Just who are these new fat ladies?

It was a chance meeting at the ice rink that brought your two authors together: SJ was celebrating her 28th birthday (shut up, ice-skating is a completely legitimate grown-up birthday activity) and Katie was a friend’s platonic date. Through a series of awkward friend-dates, they discovered a mutual love of Camp Rock, eating and synchronised swimming. Friendship and, subsequently, blogging was born.

We both enjoy cake.

We can be contacted at newfatladies@gmail.com, via twitter (@NewFatLadies), on Facebook (facebook.com/NewFatLadies) or on Instagram (@NewFatLadies).


S-J (aka ‘the one with specs’) works as a high school teacher and lives in the leafy suburbs with her excellent partner, Esther and their 1 year old son.

She enjoys cooking all the things, playing with the baby, reading comics (Marvel forever, yo) and eating breakfast at the various cafes near her home.

Her favourite cookbook is “How to be a Domestic Goddess”. She’s predictable. Sue her.


Katie (aka ‘the one married to Thor’) works as an office administrator and general task-master for a fertility specialist.

She has worked as a professional baker, decorator and cook but her favourite cooking memories are with the New Fat Ladies.

She enjoys knitting, watching television and Chris Hemsworth.

Her favourite cookbook is “The Joy of Cooking”.

Thanks to Esther for the magnificent photos.


9 thoughts on “Just who are these new fat ladies?

  1. Rozzzie says:

    Waiting, waiting, waiting,……
    for the next delicious recipe.

  2. knitickyboo says:

    That was me! that was me! (yep, I went there)
    I love this blog and I LOVE YOU!

  3. essie says:

    ermagherd you are both so cute *smooches yer faces*

  4. jools says:

    Love your work ladies. Do you know about the clandestine cake club (originally in england but spreading its wings worldwide)? I think it’s just your type of thing.

    • S-J says:

      Hi jools,
      I am very keen to take part in CCC and read other people’s write ups with jealousy. Last time I checked, there wasn’t a Melbourne branch and have been pondering possible locations. I do have a potential lead so might try and start one up! Thanks for reading and thinking of us! SJ

  5. Love your blog 🙂

  6. Love your blog, particularly the name. it’s nice to know the fat ladies live on.

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