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Cola Ham (Or: why don’t we eat ham like this all the time?)

Ham! Cola Ham!Christmas food! Hooray!

In an excellent stroke of luck, our friend Christopher received a very large Christmas hamper from his work three days before he left for his huge Christmas adventure in the US. Because he is excellent people, we got a 5kg ham on the bone for freeeeeee! (And all the other stuff from his hamper! Thank you, Christopher’s Corporate Overlords!)

The ham sat and took up space in our fridge for the two weeks before the 1st Annual Fakesmas (Friend Christmas on the 22nd). I’ve done Christmas ham two times previously — one marmalade and mustardy and one cidery — and so figured I’d just knock up a glaze of whatever when Fakesmas arrived. It was not to be, however, as I watched Luke Nguyen cook a Claypot Cola Chicken one Thursday night. The time had come for me to the live the dream and make a Cola Ham.

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