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Coq Aux Vins Sandwich (Or: yes, we did actually use two wines and then nerded it up grammar style.)

And then there came a day unlike any other* when I decided it would be a good idea to take all the delicious elements of Coq Au Vin and put them in a sandwich.

It was a good day.

I was having leftover Coq Au Vin for lunch one day and mopping up all the deliciousness with a nice piece of bread and had a moment. I will now recreate that moment through a short playscript.



My Brain: We should make this into a sandwich.

Me: Holy smokes! How would we create such a devilish treat?

My Brain: Let’s get Katie in on this.

Me: Good thinking, Brain. *texts Katie*

Katie: *is the ideas person*

And so this sandwich was born. Was it a labour of love? Yes. Did it take longer than your usual lunchtime repast? Yes. Was it worth it? HELLZ YES.

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